To enhance long-term shareholders’ value while caring for the economic, environmental and social aspects of the business, through being a reliable and responsible partner to our stakeholders.


At Yinson, we understand that for us to stay successful over the long haul, it requires taking into account the triple bottom line – our people, planet, and profits.

By caring for our people and communities we operate in, generating jobs, business activity, and economic development, we ensure that doors stay open to us for future growth opportunities.

Likewise, we understand that strong financial performance is needed for us to continue making the necessary investments to support our energy-producing customers, while maintaining and rewarding our shareholders. 

As we play our part in supplying energy to meet the needs of the global economy, we strive to be a responsible citizen, an equal-opportunity employer, and a world-class operator.


Three-Year Sustainability Plan

In 2016, we set out a three-year plan which zooms in
on five focus areas for our sustainability strategy

  • Promoting health and safety,
  • Developing human capital,
  • Protecting the environment,
  • Investing in local communities, and
  • Code of Conduct.

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Social Responsibility

As a global company, we understand that we leave a legacy in every community we operate in. And it is up to us to make that legacy a meaningful one.

We believe that one of the greatest gifts which can be given to a community is the gift of education. Education allows individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty through developing the skills necessary to make a living for themselves and take charge of their future.

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We Care for Our People and Planet. They Drive our Profit.

At Yinson, we have a zero-harm policy – to our people, to the environment, and to company assets. We understand that what makes us successful in our industry is our long-term charter contracts and working relationships.
This is why in all that we do, we think about the long-term impact of our every decision. By adopting a mindset of sustainability and by caring for our people and planet, we believe this will in turn, drive bottom-line growth